St Faith’s today is an established school with vast potential and well-known throughout Zimbabwe for producing successful people in all walks of life and diverse professions.


Over the years since its establishment, St Faith’s High School has developed some good facilities through local contributions, Government grants and Donor assistance. In particular, German EZE contributed a Science lab block in 1990 – 1993. The Parents teachers Association with a minimum government grant constructed a 52 room boarding hostel and common room in 1995, a geography and computer room in 1994, over 8 teachers houses and 4 houses for ancillary workers and extensive refurbishment of classrooms, hostels and recreational facilities. A former student, Dr G. S Zata contributed over a million dollars towards the construction of a hostel complex. Two recent constructions worthy on note are a modern computer laboratory complete with two large computer rooms, server room, offices and store rooms as well as a tuck-shop-cum-phone shop. The former development will have a far reaching impact on the scope of computer teaching and learning in the school and the latter is a milestone in the school’s attempt at income generating projects that might be of help in keeping school fees at manageable levels. The PTA has been particularly influential in promoting landscaping projects in the school that have transformed its appearance.

The school has a bursary fund that assists disadvantaged and marginalized students. Exceptionally gifted students from other schools live in adjacent homes to attend school as day scholars whose fees ate more affordable, a development that is highly effective in producing high quality results from these students. A key element of its policy is the empowerment of the local parent and the community through buying their produce such as maize, beans, tomatoes, onions, vegetables in lieu of school fees. This is in addition to its efforts to source donor funds for scholarships. Over forty million dollars is disbursed annually through donors and former students to support financially cash strapped students in fees e.g. The Solon Foundation and Dr Zata scholarship fund.

The school is enraged in agrarian activities that are also attempts at self reliance. It is self sufficient in milk production from its herd of Frieslands and has also a sizeable herd of Brahmas for meat. It is also into piggery, poultry and vegetable production.