MN Mukoyi : Headmaster

Yet another edition of The S h i n i n g S t a r ! Congratulations! For a fleeting moment, I feared t h e p ro d u c t i o n w o u l d stumble and falter. You are made of sterner stuff and the never-say-die attitude is the hallmark of the St Faith's success story.

A.J.K Waziweyi : Reverend

Fraternal greetings to you all happy readers of our prestigious school magazine. It is with much pleasure that l write on my reflections on my year at the best high school in Zimbabwe, St Faith High School. I joined the school on the 1st of May 2014 taking over from The Rev Father Samuel Tazvitya Doma.

Mrs C.T Mudangwe

My long stay at St Faith's has been quite enriching i.e. socially, spiritually and academically. Socially, I have learnt to be an active team player in building this through worship, home groups and fellowship with others at the big Sundays. Academically I have had a chance to up-grade myself. I marvel at how St Faith's has developed over the years. May the light of God continue to shine upon St Faith's and may the good Lord continue to bless the fruits of our institution. institution. Spiritually I have learnt to rely on God in whatever I do

Mr T.C. Machipanda

I can't believe its thirteen years already. It seems like only yesterday when I came to St Faith's a young bachelor now I am a father of three. I have had wonderful experiences both inside the classroom and outside. This is now more like my home. I have witnessed three colleagues wedding here at the mighty church . Those were wonderful events, thanks to Mr Nyamujara, Mr Samanga and the late Mr Mupawaenda.

Mr S Shonge

A good beginning makes a good ending only if the going is well organised. Came to introduce Technical Graphics in 2004 and the going and results had been superb. In God I trust.

Mr Matthews Chimba

I enjoy working at St Faith because of the harmony, unity of purpose and the total involvement of both teaching and non teaching staff who are all guided by a strong and c o m m i t t e d l e a d e r s h i p a n d management structures. St Faith's is indeed a great school of transformation. It creates the desire to work with others in achieving a common goal

Mrs C Mada

For the nine years I have been at St Faith's I do not regret having been here for those years. My life at St Faith's has been filled with joy, laughter and support from both the administration and colleagues. One thing that will always linger in my mind is how St Faith's has immensely contributed towards moulding my son – Brian Mada. I do not take this gesture for granted for it is said, 'It takes a village to raise a child.' We have worked together to achieve our objectives in teaching and that is why there has been a production of sterling results over the years. Thank you.

Mr Mutenure

I entered form 1 at St Faith’s in 1986 and left six years in 1991 then rejoined the school in 2007 as a maths teacher. The school has improved particularly in discipline over the years. We used to read in the bush near the Rusape river. I love teaching Maths. I recommend the school draws water from the Rusape river.

Ms G. Munondo

When I came to St Faith's in 2008, I found the environment welcoming. My colleagues were so friendly and supportive. What surprised me most was the pupils' eagerness to learn. This helped me to regain the intrinsic motivation towards work that I had lost due to a number of f a c t o r s . I a l s o f o u n d t h e m e s s a g e s d e l i v e r e d a t assemblies inspirational. I have benefited a lot from them. I also cherish the happy memories of s o c i a l g a t h e r i n g . T h e g e t - together parties at the end of each year bring us together as one family. I like everything about St Faith's. Thank you.

Mr Mututwa

Still green from university, I was faced with a big challenge, to teach A-level Shona, which had become so unpopular and was dying at our school. I loved the experience. The headmaster, a seasoned literature and English teacher who occasionally invited me to his lessons imparted invaluable classroom experience. When I received a Makoni District Merit Award for O-level Literature 2014 exams, I silently owed the success to the grey-haired man. As co-patron of Public Speaking and Debating club, I got a rare opportunity to accompany Simbarashe Siyakurima to London.

Ms MC Kasaira

The last two years have seen me grow professionally. The culture of hard work and prayer in this school has humbled me. However, any new teacher who joins St Faith's will immediately find a niche.

Mr S Mapuranga

I feel very encouraged to work with hardworking boys and colleagues who love teamwork.” Leviticus 6:12

Mr S Mapuranga

I feel very encouraged to work with hardworking boys and colleagues who love teamwork.” Leviticus 6:12

Mr PM Ngirande

Granted an opportunity to practice my teaching at a school like St Faith's was a great honour. Being here for the past six months and working along such experienced staff together with bright students is a great achievement for me.

I. Mudangwe : Deputy Head

It gives me great honour and joy to once again contribute to yet another edition of The Shining Star. Indeed the star continues to shine and our school has become the envy of many. The past year has seen unstoppable and spurred academic achievements of the highest quality. Our students have proceeded to set the pace at universities and the world of work . Quality results are now synonymous with St Faith's Madetere products.

Mrs D Mukoyi

Teaching English and Shona over the years has enriched me through the four language skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing. The library post is the icing on the cake.

Mr EM Nyamujara

Having been at this institution since 1998 and being a former student as well (1985-1988) I have seen a lot. T h e s c h o o l h a s d e v e l o p e d tremendously both physical and a c a d e m i c a l l y n o t f o rg e t t i n g spiritually as well. The institution has become my second home thanks to the love of my friends, workmates and the community at large. Going down memory lane, I remember my wedding at the institution (2004) at the famous church and the birth of my last two children at the institution. With God's grace I hope and pray to have a blessed stay at St Faith's High School.

Mr N. Saguru

A n e c d o t e – t h e a c c o u n t s departments to which I belong has consistently posted one of the best accounting results at A-level at national level over the years. Most of our students have proceeded to study accounting at tertiary level at reputable institutions such as universities and some accounting firms as trainees' accountants where they have excelled. Today the school has former accounting students who a re a t t h e h e lm o f re p u t a b l e organisations where they are employed as chartered accountants. All this great achievement is ascribable to a number of factors in the conducive school environment s u c h a s a d e d i c a t e d a n d cooperative school administration as well as well disciplined hard working and focused students.

Mr A Munyoro

Happy memories – being the patron of Public Speaking and debating team which won the EMA National Debates for five consecutive years. Team work – the God of the good times is still the God of the bad times ... he is ever on the throne.

Ms B Karongo

I have been entangled at St Faith's for so long because of its conducive environment it presents to both teachers and learners. A day of prayer has always been a source of j oy t o m e a s I a c c o rd a l l m y achievements to God Almighty. An award for outstanding achievement as appreciation by St Faith's Alumni is one great gift that I will always cherish. Team work – the God of the good times is still the God of the bad times ... he is ever on the throne.

Mr D Masango

I enjoyed cross-pollinating ideas with some of the best brains in the country.

Mrs T Mhlanga

High organisational stands at the school have groomed me, and are making me work through intrinsic motivation to achieve set goals. I am always uplifted by good messages given at assembly by students, teachers and the school head who stands as an advisor to a l l . T h e s c h o o l o ff e r s a n opportunity for everyone to realise own potentials through different exposures in school activities organised. I was awarded an opportunity to lead the Science department and this experience at s u c h a f a m o u s s c h o o l , h a s developed me a lot. The school environment is quiet, conducive to learning, promotive to good discipline, so I am very proud to be associated with such a wonderful institution. Get together parties, unite teaching and no teaching and we work as one. Thank you.

Mr T Madziwa

“Once a bull always a bull.” Being a former student of this great school, I have enjoyed every bit of my stay at Fisco. The school have groomed me to cope with life changing events. I have enjoyed great team work at this school. “If you have a glimpse of Fisco at the atomic level you will never see it in quite the same way!”

Mr W Charakupa

The administration has been a pillar in my teaching at this school. The hospitality that I received on my arrival at this institution of excellence education was overwhelming. The heads of this school work very closely to the extent that the staff is just one big happy family. Through the skills of our head Mr M Mukoyi the school has transformed into the jewel of Zimbabwe. The school is a missionary product that was established to cater for the villagers in the early years of t h e 2 0 t h c e n t u r y ; t h e infrastructure is very astonishing and is part of our church's heritage. The church is a marvel as it was built around 1902 by the people and is still standing to this day. Modernised buildings such as the new dining hall have c a t e r e d f o r t h e g r o w i n g enrolment. Everything is centred on time as this school is well disciplined. The p u p i l s l o o k s m a r t a n d presentable as they know their role.

Mr M. Jambaya

Fisco has opened doors and talents that I never knew I possessed...

Mr E S Nyatsanza

I joined the St Faith's family in 2014. Since then I have enjoyed every minute of my stay here. Being part of a team of great, hard-working, p r a y e r f u l a n d i n s p i r a t i o n a l members has been a wonderful experience for me. God willing – I will help to keep alive the dream of St Faith's. There is no place like St Faith's. “Keep the fire burning.” Leviticus 6:12

Mr J. Muzengeza

Getting a teaching place at St Faith's High School was both thrilling and nerve-racking news to me. Many people congratulated me without mincing their words. “It's a blessing to be at that school,” they said. I agree with them, and I am happy to be one of the staff members of the famous school. I can describe the school as a unique institution characterised by i n t e g r i t y, h o n o u r , c h a r a c t e r transformation, prayerful life and excellence in all of its activities. Most of its students and teachers rise from orange picking to stardom. I fell blessed.

D. Mutenda : SDC Chair

It is a great honour to be the SDC Chairman of a great school such as St Faith's. Based on the qualitative results of the school over the years, St Faith's is recognised as one of the best schools in the country. Last year the school witnessed the best A level results according to the ZIMSEC ranking, with a record 26 fifteen pointers among the best performers. These are wonderful results and we thank the Mighty Lord for such an incredible achievement. It is a wonder that St Faith's is always as the top year after year. There must be a reason for this. For us as SDC the positive collective stakeholder participation at the school has promoted the glory which the institution is currently enjoying.

Mrs PG Sahari

The teaching of Commerce, Accounts and Business Studies subjects since 1991 has given me a good experience in managing businesses practically. I am happy that most of the pupils I have taught are now known to be prominent business people thus marrying theory with practice. I have that in life, work place situations may expose you to some challenges but since we work as a group, solutions are always there. I have enjoyed teaching my subjects producing wonderful results and have been groomed to lead others. I thank the Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to interact with great people at St Faith's. Proudly Business Studies Teacher!

Mr B Choto

Throughout the period of my stay, I have enjoyed attending assembly sessions as they are so educative to both students and teachers. Every student and every teacher is given t h e o p p o r t u n i t y t o s h a r e something at assembly. The most memorable and disheartening event is when out most talented and skilled soccer team in the history of the school was denied the chance to proceed to national competition due to poor officiating.

Mr O. Mutimudye

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, this is not an act, but a habit.

Mr T.V Madziva

There is nothing more heroic than being a teacher who helps a young person discover those vast reserves inside him/her. Always there to give hope when all seems hopeless. Teaching them all to face fear with strong determination and set their feet on the right path. Have been in the field for twelve years holding the ladder for student to climb. My role being to spark interest, ignite curiosity and fuel dreams. As Senior Master in charge of Academics and sports, I have always challenged limitations, raised expectations and inspire achievement. Fisco Beyond Limits! In God we trust

Mr K .Mangara

I love teaching biology and have a passion to produce doctors , pharmacists and science teachers. I like the micro environment that has been created through grown flowers, shrubs, herbs and trees which are well blended. When flowers from these plants are in full bloom they contrast well and bring majestic view of St F a i t h's . I c he r i s h t he fo l l owi ng a t t r i b u t e s f r o m o u r s t u d e n t s : intelligence, thoroughful in research and being prayerful. St Faith's staff work as a team in academic and sports activities which I find to be a vital tool for our school to remain perched at the top in Zimbabwe and for producing complete students.

Mr Ziso

A former student of St Faith's. I did forms 5 and 6 here, thus 1992 to 1993. My life is at St Faith's. Thank you.

Ms C Musarurwa

St Faith's helped me become a real teacher, be goal-oriented and enabled me to effectively apply teaching methods for effective results. What I like most about St Faith's is the open door policy of the l e a d e r s h i p a n d d e m o c r a t i c management which allows one to be his or her own supervisor. Yes it's working and is yielding profound results. Hats off to our charismatic head Mr Mukoyi. I have a passion for assisting the youth in developing positive attitude towards life in general and become efficient and effective members of the society.

Mr U.S. Kamuruko

St Faith's helped me become a real teacher, be goal-oriented and enabled me to effectively apply teaching methods for effective results. What I like most about St From the time I have joined St Faith's up to now, I have grown with leaps and bounces both spiritually and professionally. I hope and believe that my continued stay will benefit me, the school and the community in a number of ways.

Mr R Tsimba

“Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demands” Seneca 4-BC- A-D 65 My experience at St Faith's teaching History and running of Sport disciplines had made me experience remarkable values and challenges that had shaped my life.

Ms Y Mukomberanwa

I have found it an extremely wonderful experience to teach at this school. I am honoured to be part of St Faith's. My experience here has helped me shape my ideals for the classroom in teaching and learning. It is awesome to teach students here, they are bright enthusiastic, creative and kind. I do appreciate the commitment, vision and leadership of this school.

Mr M.G .Manyau

Being part of nation building and imparting greatness to the next generations has been a wonderful experience for me at this school. Having the highest quality of results is so hilarious!

Mr A Manyepo

A famous philosopher once coined the phrase, “I prefer a silent vice to an ostentatious virtue.” I always wondered what he meant. St Faith's truly defines the meaning of the phrase vividly. The school yet so simple with a family like and cooperative staff made me realise what it exactly means to be the best. I realised that one doesn't necessarily need to shout for recognition but simply be a hard worker. I just feel a strong sense of belonging even with the little time I have been so far at St Faith's High School.